I entered the IT technology scene in 1997 when migrating server OS and applications then as an instructor for Windows, MS Office and Pagemaker.


Moved on to University of Gothenburg, Department of Earth Sciences in September 2000. Stayed for 12 years taking care of over 370 workstations for 120+ scientists and 500 students. Also licenses, network, HPC and storage.


I was recruited to one of the big OEM as in charge of their Workstation lineup. Mainly in Sweden and with a strong presence in Finland and Denmark. Did massive amounts of customer visits, events, staff training, webcasts and press releases.


Proud to be a NVIDIA Preferred Partner and also Preferred Solution Provider for both Virtualization and Accelerated Computing.

Another service is providing both component recommendations and to deliver complete systems for any given task and workload. Both from a variety of respected vendors and also tailormade desktop and rack units if requested.

I bring extensive knowledge from the software industry and the vast majority of verticals.

Strong collaboration with leading vendors ensures high end delivery of NVIDIA solutions for a wide variety of customers and organizations




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